Access Control Systems

A main concern for any business owner is keeping their employees and business safe and secure.

Introducing a facility access control system into your facility is the most efficient way to ensure safety in a various amount of ways. From managing employee access to preventing unauthorized visitors, being able to have a system that works specifically for your needs is a top priority.

A keyless door entry access control system in your facility is a major part of keeping your business and employees safe. In addition to regulating access to your building, you may also need to restrict entry to certain privileged areas. Higher security needs such as file rooms, server rooms, inventory storage areas can now be easily secured.

Giving employees different keys for different rooms and then change locks with employee turnover can be cumbersome, costly, and inefficient. Introducing an access control system to your business can eliminate these hassles.

Security: Keeping your Employees and Business Safe

Keep security at the top of your list when choosing a system. Services include the most up to date technology, and key safety features, such as lockdown modes and alarms. Proprietary technology, rather than open source, is more secure and less likely to be taken advantage of.

Alarm-Tech’s skilled team of security experts ensure door access readers are physically secured with specialty screws, and the wiring tucked away and protected. Some readers even have tamper alarms that go off if they are physically altered or removed. Alarms can alert you when doors are being held open too long. Options for different types of credentials, as well as allowing for multiple credential authentication, are a must.

Not all systems offer emergency alarms, so you must decide if these are necessary for your business. Crucial safety protocols include fire and carbon monoxide alerts, along with break-in alarms. Customization is also important in emergency situations. When you are faced with an unseen emergency, customized lockdown situations are key.

Our mission is safety, each installation is done by a dedicated team of security professionals to ensure the job is done correctly!

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