Home Automation

“I hope we didn’t forget to turn off the lights and lock the door…”

You have a smart phone. Now it’s time for a smart home! Home Automation can help control your home’s appliances, make your life easier and save you money!

Not only will you be able to control your security system remotely, you’ll also be able to adjust the settings for temperature, lights and locks in your home with the touch of a button, from anywhere. Even when you are away, you can monitor your home’s various systems anywhere you have an internet connection.

Your family will benefit from lock, light and thermostat controls, energy management, water sensors and other detectors automatically connected to send alerts and alarms directly to your smart device.

As you leave your home, the simple press of a button locks the doors, shuts down your HVAC system and turns off the lights, saving you money in utilities via a schedule of your choice to fit your lifestyle.

Benefits of Home Automation:

  • Z-Wave technology
  • Communication using electronically coded packets of information
  • Your family will love keyless entry
  • Separate changeable code for guests, contractors or workers
  • Your HVAC system turns off automatically when you leave

Bright Lighting Control

Turn specific indoor and outdoor lights on or off automatically each time you arm or disarm your security system! You can even have it turn specific lights on 30 minutes before you get home and turn others off an hour after bedtime. Set the mood with program options for scenes and ambience.

Unlock Your Home

Did the kids forget their keys again? Is a neighbor dropping off a package? Unlock your door from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. Have your doors lock and unlock automatically when you arm or disarm your security system!

The Perfect Temperature Setting

Precise temperature control provides more comfort and fewer temperature swings. Z-Wave® enabled thermostats automatically adjust every time you arm or disarm your security system. You can design customized scenes and schedules for comfort and energy savings or control your thermostats wherever you are via your smartphone. Kids always adjusting the thermostat? Create a lockout to keep temperature limited to a minimum or maximum setting!

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