Important Safety Information

You can do your part to eliminate false alarms by following these simple steps:

  • Let us know if any of your contact phone number change including your premise phone.
  • Has your cell number changed? Has your neighbor moved? Has a work number changed? Has an area code change? Notify us of any changes in your emergency contact list.
  • Memorize your password. We may ask for it if we call about an alarm.

Test your system. You can test your system by following these simple steps:

  • Call our 24-hour central station and announce that you would like to place your system on test. Be prepared to provide them with your central station account number and password.
  • Activate your alarm like an actual emergency by opening a protected door, pressing your panic or hold-up buttons, etc.
  • Allow your sirens (if an audible alarm) to sound for approximately one minute and then shut off your system.
  • Call the central station and announce that you are calling to check test results. The central station operator will describe the signals received.
  • Ask the operator to take the system off test.

Have your phones been serviced?

Always test your system after your telephone system is serviced. On some systems, phone technicians can accidentally disable your central station communication. Other god times to test include after a severe lightening storm, before going on an extended vacation and after installing a new Internet connections including DSL or Voice Over IP.

Don’t talk to telemarketers!

What sounds like a telemarketer could actually be a burglar seeking information on his or her next victim!

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